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is a Chartered Surveyor who runs his own property consultancy firm. He has worked with Delta Alpha on marketing and promotion and has attended a number of conventions with the company, in particular MIPIM in Cannes from 2001 to 2009 and will be in Cannes again for this years Exhibition.
Delta Alpha Publishing
Delta Alpha Publishing Limited
Delta Alpha publishes the Third Edition of the Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms (hadcopy & Online); The Shorter Encyclopedia (softcover & CD-ROM) and an International Real Estate Research Online web site.
Real Estate Defined
The Third Edition of the Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms is now available Online by subscription. The Online Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms is truly international in scope, with material from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom (including Scotland), Australia, New Zealand, France, as well as Latin and Civil law terms.

International information on real property
International Real Estate Research
for current, comprehensive national and international information on real property. The site is being expanded to provide information on real estate markets in 68 countries and at present has information on international professional consultants for those involved or considering overseas real estate investment investment.

Damien is available as a Speaker on International Property