International Professional Experience

Damien Abbott has specialized in real estate since 1966, when he graduated from the University of London. His experience has been gained in over twenty countries spread over five continents


Country Details

Apartment lease and purchase.


Richard Ellis, Brussels: Acquisition, financing and development.

Ford of Europe: Site selection and lease negotiations in Brussels.

Canada INVESTCORP International: Investment assessment
Denmark & Norway Ford of Europe: Site assessments
Egypt Richard Ellis, Cairo: Valuations
Finland Ford of Europe: Site acquisition/development in Pori and lease negotiations in Helsinki.
France Paris: Acquisition of major shopping centre for ADIA and development analysis for INVESTCORP International.
Germany INVESTCORP International: Investment search.
Ireland Ford of Europe: Site acquisition/development in Tallaght and DĂșn Laoghaire.
Italy INVESTCORP International: Investment assessment
Mauritius Advice on land tenure and land registration for Government.
Mexico INVESTCORP International: Site search in Mexico city.
Netherlands Ford of Europe: Site appraisal.
Serbia CBRE: Valuation in Belgrade for a foreign Government.
Spain INVESTCORP International: Preliminary office project assessment & design in Madrid.
Sweden Ford of Europe: Site search and dealership lease negotiations.
Switzerland INVESTCORP International: Hotel valuation.
Syria Valuation and project assessment in Allepo and Damascus.
Turkey Richard Ellis: Valuation and property consultancy in Istanbul, Ankara and Antalya.
United Kingdom

Wolverhampton Corporation: Compulsory Purchase and rent negotiation.

Redditch New Town: Acquisition (incl. compulsory purchase) and development (inc. planning inquiries). Property leasing.

Ravenseft Properties/Land Securities: Property Management

Abu Dhabi Investment Authority: Asset Management and lease/rent review negotiations.

United States

Abu Dhabi Investment Authority: Major Office purchase in New York.

INVESTCORP International: Acquisition, financing and sales in Boston, Los Angeles, Mountain View, New York, Reston, VA, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. Syndicated financing of properties in 21 states.

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