The Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms - Third Edition

The Third Edition of the Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms is the most COMPREHENSIVE reference work on real estate terminology.

The Encyclopediadefines and explain the meaning and significance of over 10,000 real estate terms (including related terms from accounting, banking, contract, economics, finance, insurance, personal property, taxation and tort). It will prove invaluable to real estate investors, consultants, lawyers, accountants, managers, as well as students.

It contains more than 15,000 citations (including over 5,700 cases and 1,900 statutory or code references). There are over 7,400 bibliographical references, many of which are referenced by page or paragraph number, enabling the User to go to the book or an online service to find further information quickly. In addition, there are references to many useful web sites, such as real estate organization, government bodies, major reference works such as USPAP and the RICS 'Red Book', and much more.

This reference work is truly international in scope. It draws on material from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and France. It also includes Latin terms and terms from the Civil law.

"A property Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia — ALL IN ONE"

The Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms ONLINE

The Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms is available ONLINE as a subscription service. Further information can be found at http://realestatedefined.com

A 15-day free Trial is available to bona fide users, together with sample terms.

The Shorter Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms

Based on the Second Edition of the highly-acclaimed Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms, the Shorter Encyclopedia defines and explains over 7,500 property terms supplemented by more than 1,000 citations (cases, statutes and other authorities) 20,000 cross references and over 400 bibliographical references.

The primary focus of the reference books is English and American real estate practice. However, they contains Australian, Canadian, New Zealand, Scots Law, Civil Law and Latin terms and the Third Edition has a significant number of French property terms explained in English.

Every aspect of the real estate is covered in detail (law, economics, finance, investment, insurance, taxation, appraisal/valuation, urban planning/zoning and property management), and both books are proving to be essential reference works for a broad range of professionals (lawyers, investors, appraisers/valuers, accountants, managers, teachers and students).

The Shorter Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms on CD-ROM

The CD-ROM version of The Shorter Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms contains the entire text of the book, with the ability to search by term or word, and to search for cases, statutes, bibliographical references, and more.

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