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ForeWord Clarion Book Review

ForeWord Clarion Book Review, Oct 2008

Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms, Third Edition: Based on American and English practice, with terms from the Commonwealth, as well as the Civil, Scots and French law

AUTHOR: Damien Abbott

ForeWord Clarion Book Review Five Star

Thirty years in the making, this massive collection is a guide to every term related to real estate, economics, and everything in between. Creator Damien Abbott writes that it is designed for readers from “teachers to students to lay people to professional practitioners.” In truth, Abbott is being rather bashful about his tremendous accomplishment.

This three-in-one dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopedia is actually a must have for every real estate, property development, and law office. As grand an idea as it may seem, Abbott has gone one step further than most guides by collecting information and terms that might pop up outside of the continental United States and North America as a whole. Nothing is left untouched and no term is left undefined in this magnificent reference guide.

Organized in typical encyclopedia/dictionary manner, this guide is extremely easy to use for both seasoned professionals and newcomers alike. Separating cases and terms by country, Abbott uses different fonts to make comprehension as easy and fast as possible. With hundreds upon hundreds of referenced sources included in the lengthy bibliography, Abbott and company provide the most thorough and concise definitions possible. There is simply nothing left out or overlooked in this third edition that extends its knowledge to November 2007, offering the latest terms, events, and information on a business that is forever changing and adapting.

While many real estate agents may be up to speed on much of the information provided within, licensed and unlicensed assistants, accountants, and even receptionists will find every question—and those of their prospective clients—quickly answered in a straightforward manner. Rather than putting cold calls on hold or leaving customers dangling while agents search for answers, they should keep this text at the front of the office for all to utilize.

Ultimately, with the real estate market forever rising and falling given recent shifts in the economy both in the United States and abroad, having the latest information readily at hand is a necessity for all property-related businesses. Agents will find answers to questions they never knew how to ask, customers will be satisfied with prompt and straightforward responses, and the complex web of property ownership will be broken down into easy to understand snippets of information.

    ForeWord Clarion Book Review

ISBN: 9780966894646
 PRICE:  $165.00
PUBLISHER:  Delta Alpha Publishing
No. of Pages: 1536