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CHOICE Book Review

CHOICE Book Review

Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms, Third Edition: Based on American and English practice, with terms from the Commonwealth, as well as the Civil, Scots and French law

AUTHOR: Damien Abbott

9-78096689-46-46, $165.00.

The author of this vast encyclopedia and dictionary points out that real estate has become truly international, with new forms of financing. However, real estate also retains much archaic terminology and remains grounded in local laws and customs. Real estate consultant Abbott's purpose in covering this vast area is to be comprehensive, to provide more international coverage, to provide clear and precise explanations, to help readers find answers to today's real estate questions, and to point out problems requiring further advice and counsel. The third edition appears eight years after the highly successful second edition (CH, Dec'00, 38-1917). The emphasis is still on providing definitions, but the volume now offers a fuller history of each term. The encyclopedia defines over 10,000 words and phrases, with over 24,000 cross-references. It can be used as a dictionary and thesaurus as well as an encyclopedia. The 15,000 references include 5,700 cases, 1,900 statutory or code references, and 7,400 bibliographical references. Supplementing the main section are a guide to the entries, a user guide, a 70-page bibliography, and appendixes (major laws and enactments, professional associations, measurements, formulas, and abbreviations/acronyms).
Summing Up: Recommended. All levels. —  J. Levy, University of North Texas Libraries
Reviewed Nov 2009